So you want to host a tournament? 

Well, here’s how its starts.

First you’ll need to pick a Tournament Director. Oh wait that’s you! 

How many people are you inviting to this shindig? Traditionally we play an 8 frame game that takes about 15 minutes and is played two on two.

Too many people coming to the party for a traditional game? Well a 4 frame game lasts about 7 minutes! 

You’ll need to make two person teams at the office, so everyone knows who their court partner is beforehand. 

Fun fact: with shuffleboard, you stand next to your opponent and across from your teammate…

When you get here we’ll give the whole crew a lesson. Your court hosts are there to teach everyone how to play and snag you some tasty drinks during your party. 

We find that there can be a few late stragglers, so plan to have your big group lesson about 15 minutes into the party start and have the tournament kick off 30 minutes into the event. This should give you enough time to situate those first round teams. 

Have we mentioned? …. setting up a tournament can be really hard and a lot of work and we often find unstructured free play works best here?

The Tournament Director, that’s you, will guide teams through the bracket and make sure everyone is on their designated court. You’ll need a big voice and a go-get-‘em attitude. 

There should be a really quick turnaround between games, so the Tournament Director will need to be efficient and have the schedule organized well in advance. 

Have we mentioned? …. the Tournament Director should seriously get paid for doing this. (can you submit this as an expense to accounting?)

What’s the plan, Sam? Generally we find big groups get a 24in by 36in sign printed with the bracket and playing times. It’s a great reference point for your guest and will help to keep the games going. 

Some teams even get a custom trophy for their winning team… or a $3000 giant check (no seriously, we’ve seen it). 

What now? Well Tournament Director, now you’ve got the skills to host a tournament. We’ll see you on the courts! 

We do offer tournament services for buyout packages, but that‘ll cost ya. Talk to our Event Manager at for more pricing details.

16 team bracket here.

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